Machining and Fabrication

In terms of annual expenditures, machining tends to be the most important part of the manufacturing processes. Machining is often defined as the process of removing material from a workpiece in the form of chips. Traditionally, most machining has a relatively low set-up cost compared to forming, molding, and casting processes. Machining is necessary where tight tolerances on dimensions and finishes are required.

From milling, boring, and drilling, to tapping and vertical and lathe turning, Beverage Machine & Fabricators is the single source for all your machining needs. By employing highly skilled and seasoned manufacturing staff and adhering to a strict quality control process, we meet – and often exceed – customer specifications and delivery requirements.

BM&F specializes in machining large parts – up to 25 tons – and also offers expert services in difficult-to-machine materials, including monel, inconel, and super alloys.

BM&F’s dedicated machining workshop of 20,000 square feet houses six (6) vertical boring mills with a capacity up to 126 inches in diameter, six (6) horizontal boring mills to 96 inches by 144 inches, and eleven (11) lathes up to 64 inches diameter by 28 feet. Additionally, BM&F offers O.D. grinding to 33 inches diameter by 155 inches. Most of our equipment is NC/CNC controlled.

  • 35,000 sq. ft. Machine Shop
  • 25-ton lifting capacity
  • (6) vertical boring mills to 126″
  • (8) horizontal boring mills to 120″ x 168″
  • (11) lathes to 64″ dia. 28′
  • O.D. Grinding to 33″ dia. X 155″
  • Small part CNC machining
  • Experts in difficult-to-machine materials

In addition to large project capabilities, a highly skilled and experienced workforce, and a longstanding commitment to meeting and surpassing customer needs, BM&F’s rich 100-year history in one of America’s perennial industrial regions, is a testament to the company’s perseverance, longevity, and most importantly – dedication to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Every year, BM&F is audited by dozens of clients for quality and on-time delivery. Many of the audits have resulted in 100 percent ratings for both quality and delivery, and most are constantly above the average rating of other businesses in the industry.

For additional information on how BM&F’s consistent quality and on-time delivery can help with your machining or other metalworking needs, or to request a quotation for services, please take a moment to fill out our simple QuickContact form or call us directly at 216.252.5100.

Choose BM&F as your metalworking vendor, and you will not only enjoy the cost-saving benefits of a single source, but also enjoy the convenience of access to our unique capabilities, resources and industry expertise. This combination will deliver a clear competitive advantage for your business. BM&F and you, a partnership that ensures success.